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Elizabeth Myers - Paralegal

Elizabeth is a certified Paralegal who graduated with highest honors from San Francisco State University. She is a native of Peru where she studied at the prestigious National University of San Marcos. Elizabeth holds a bachelor degree in Law and Political Science and is licensed attorney in Peru.

Elizabeth has extensive legal experience, both abroad and in the U.S.. In Peru, she was a judicial law clerk to four judges at the Lima Superior Court – Employment Law Branch. She later became a legislative analyst and legal counselor for two government programs that focused on the property rights of low-income farmers and urban communities. In the U.S., Elizabeth has focused her work primarily in U.S. immigration law. She has experience with various family-based and humanitarian-based cases, such as U visas, immediate relative petitions, fiancée petitions, and I-601/I-601A waiver cases. She is also familiar with employment-based immigration cases, such as H-1Bs and E visas.

Elizabeth is passionate about social justice, has a love of learning, and is committed to providing the best level of service for our clients and the community. She understands the immigrant experience and is eager to assist others with their own journeys.

Elizabeth is a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English. She also has basic knowledge of Portuguese which she is striving to improve.